After having drawn and painted for myself, I decided, following a turn in my professional career, to show my work which combines two of my hobbies: sport and painting.

I like sport, alpine skiing and Nordic skiing, among others, which I have practiced diligently since my childhood in Chartreuse. Subsequently, I was led to ski mainly in Alpe d'Huez, and this for about twenty years.

In sport, I appreciate the attitudes and situations which translate performance and efficiency, when the actors get nearer and reach perfection in gesture, position, trajectory… I try to reproduce and capture all these points together when I paint.

Moreover, I am fond of motorsport, a theme that I also address, because the commitment and the concentration that emerge from it inspire me a lot.

Self-taught, not coming from a sport background, I paint what I like, this activity is for me above all a pleasure, and I cannot consider it differently.
I hope that my work will give you the same feelings as those I have during the realization of each of my paintings.